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Thor Heyerdahl Explorer Camp Expedition starts in Armenia
Young people from Russia and Armenia will take part in Thor Heyerdahl Explorer Camp Expedition in Armenia (August 1-10, 2016). The participants are the school children who realize scientific projects in ecology, ethnography and study of local lore, the winners of competition in biology and history, members of touristic clubs.
It is a youth research project, which is being offered for the first time. This exciting and innovative project is supported by marine biologist, special advisor of Kon-Tiki Museum Thor Heyerdahl jr., the son of the famous Norwegian traveler and scientist, the Vahakn and Hasmig Hovnanian Foundation and Russian Geographical Society. The main purpose of this expedition is to nurture the leaders on the examples of famous people – travelers, scientists in ecology and ethnography, who take care of peace, cultural identity and support international dialogue. During the project young people will tell about traditions of their nations, explore the cultural features of different countries, take part in international backpacking for ethnographic research. Special guest from Norway Halfdan Tangen jr. will make a lecture about impact of Thor Heyerdahl as a scientist, world communicator and ecologist. Halfdan is a right hand of Thor Heyerdahl jr. in organization of meetings, events and press communication.
Armenia hosts the first international expedition of young explorers of 12-16 years old. The choice of the country is not occasional. Armenia is one of the ancient state, which saves historical monuments and Christian monasteries IV century. From 1980 Thor Heyerdahl developed his theory of migration of Caucasus people to Scandinavia and found approval in Scandinavian sagas, archaeological digging and DNA analysis of Scandinavians and the inhabitants of the Caucasus. Nowadays, this theory has many followers among scientists from different countries. Young explorers will have an opportunity to get to know about it also. The collaboration of Thor Heyerdahl jr. with people from Armenia started in 2013 when he was invited with his wife Grethe and his assistant Halfdan Tangen to visit the earth of the first explorer Noah. It becames historical moment for founding Thor Heyerdahl Explorer Camp Expedition, which was realized in 2016. The project was supported by Russian Geographical Society in Novosibirsk, where touristic club Kon-Tiki realizes various expeditions for young people during 40 years.
“Thor Heyerdahl, through his explorational theories, has supported the notion of establishing bridges between different continents on earth. In his spirit, his son, Thor jr, is fostering life lasting bridges through cross cultural experiences for our youth from Novosibirsk and Armenia and expanding to Norway next year. We are proud to host the first Thor Heyerdahl Explorer Camp Expedition here in Armenia in the Valley of Noah, arguably the world’s first explorer”, – said Shant Hovnanian, the representative of the Vahakn and Hasmig Hovnanian Foundation.
During 10 days in Armenia young explorers will visit Museum of old manuscripts «Matenadaran» and monasteries Gashavank, Tatev and Geghard, get to know about ancient observatories of Stone Age, go down to old cave village Khndzoresk and cave Pagan. They will know more about unique culture of Armenians, go to the birthplace of poet Hovhannes Tumanyan in Dsegh village and to the beautiful mountain Sevan lake. In international backpacking they will write travel notes and make the film about expedition.
«We build links between young people from different countries, teach them to respect each other values. In nearest future these talented boys and girls will defend their scientific ideas and possibly with the same assurance how Thor Heyerdahl did when he proved his theory of migration of people from South America to Polynesia islands. It is great that we can give them good life examples of distinguished persons. Five children from Novosibirsk club Kon-Tiki take part in our project. I am sure in big future of this project», – said one of project organizers Ekaterina Vronskaya, the head of the youth department of Russian Geographical Society in Novosibirsk region, advisor to Director General on public relation company Data East.
Organizers are going to make research expeditions in different countries, particularly in Russia and Norway, the native land of Thor Heyerdahl.
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