Followers of Thor Heyerdahl sailed along the Ob River on a raft of Kon-Tiki

An international research expedition named after Thor Heyerdahl was completed in Novosibirsk, in which twelve students from Armenia, Russia and the Czech Republic took part. For 10 days the guys made a trip along the Ob river on the raft of Kon-Tiki, got acquainted with the rich traditions of the Russian people, visited museums, schools, universities and became real friends.

The participants of the expedition were welcomed by famous travelers from different countries. Thus, Zory Balayan, an Armenian public figure, a member of the Cilicia expedition around Europe on a replica vessel of the 12th century, the organizer of the project “Circumnavigation of the yacht” Armenia “and the co-chairman of the ecological organization” Baikal Movement “directed the parting words:” One of my first voyages along the Siberian rivers was along the Ob River to the Kara Sea in 1967, -wrote Zory Balayan. – Only then the transport of my travels became deer and dog harnesses, on which I traveled to the shores of the Arctic Ocean from the coast of Kamchatka. I want to give the guys such a farewell message: love not only the start and the finish of the journey, but the journey itself. Let you always have three feet under the keel!” A well-known traveler and journalist from Norway, Thorgeir Higraff, organizer of the ”Tangaroa”  and Kon-Tiki2 expeditions, also sent a video message  to the young researchers recorded with  his little daughter Paula.” “From childhood I was a fan of Tour Heyerdahl and was reading out his books. I wish you a safe journey through the river Ob and many impressions from this expedition. Remember that we, the adults, are following you! “, – said  Togeir.

In Novosibirsk and Tomsk, students met with Siberian travelers who circled the whole world on a bicycle, catamaran, car. Anatoly Kulik, Evgeny Kovalevsky, Olga Masloboeva, Anatoly Bulychov and Sergei Medvedchikov told them about their travels around the world.

The brightest impressions about Siberia were a trip along the Ob River and a visit to the Academpark, where the guys talked to the robot Nao, fired from a whirlwind gun and launched balls according to Bernoulli’s law. On the expedition they had chores, cooked themselves and washed dishes. In the evenings young researchers arranged happy concerts, sang songs under the guitar in different languages and learned to dance national dances. “I thought that it was very cold in Siberia and was  ready to see ice sailing in the river and took  only warm clothes. It turned out everything was different. I really enjoyed it in Siberia, people here are hospitable “, –   told Alvina Sargsyan from Armenia. Valery Mirzoyan was shocked by Siberian museums and cultural sights. And Lada Matyashova, a member of the “Czech Scouts” movement, said she felt like at home. “Here are the same kind people as in the Czech Republic. The cuisine and traditions of our nations are very similar”, said Lada. The project coordinator in Armenia, the historian of the international school Ayb Artak Zargaryan was impressed with the level of science and education. “I was very surprised by the Academgorodok and Technopark. It is obvious that innovations play a very important role for the development of not only Novosibirsk, but also Russia. You are the center that develops innovations. You have a very deep Siberian philosophy your education is at the highest level, we visited two universities – NSU and TSU, and Lyceum No. 130. I see that the guys are striving for a good education, they understand that this is the surest way for a better future. Armenia and Russia are the locomotive of this international project, and together with Norway, the United States and the Czech Republic, we will continue to cooperate. “The next expedition will take place in a new country, possibly in the homeland of Tour Heyerdahl: in Norway. Organizers are also considering options for the project in the US and the Czech Republic.

Joint  projects  with the participants  are provided in the field of education and culture. As a result of the project, meetings will be held in Armenia and the Czech Republic with ambassadors, as well as photo exhibitions about the expedition to Siberia.

International expedition named after Thor Heyerdahl was held from 10 to 19 of July in Novosibirsk and   Tomsk. It included acquaintance with the culture and achievements of science in Siberia, meetings with famous travelers, as well as a three-day camping trip through the Ob on the raft of Kon-Tiki. The project is dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the legendary expedition of T. Heyerdahl “Kon-Tiki”, the Year of Ecology in Russia and the 80th anniversary of the Novosibirsk Region. The organizers are the son of the famous traveler – the oceanologist Tour Junior, the Russian Geographical Society, the Novosibirsk tourist club “Kon Tiki”, the “Vahagn and Hasmik Hovnanian” foundation and the Public Fund “The House of Friendship of the Cities of Novosibirsk and Yerevan.” The expedition was held under the patronage of the Government of the Novosibirsk region and the mayor’s office of Novosibirsk.

The expedition is supported by the the Big Novosibirsk Planetarium, SoftLab-NSK, Datа East, TION, Dental Service, Sibinfocenter, City Interethnic Center, other companies and organizations