Thor Heyerdahl Explorer Camp Expedition-2017: Expedition in Siberia

Dear friends!

We invite you in a wonderful trip through the countries together with Thor Heyerdahl Explorer Camp Expedition!

This international project for young explorers aged 12-16, who have a common goal to develop joint research and to learn more about the culture of different countries. The project is supported by three countries – Norway, Russia and Armenia with help of Thor Heyerdahl jr., Russian Geographical Society, Vahakn and Hasmig Hovnanian Foundation. The main purpose of this expedition is to nurture the leaders on the examples of famous people – travelers and scientists, who take care of peace, cultural identity and support international dialogue. Our participants are the school children who realize scientific projects in ecology, ethnography and study of local lore, the winners of competition in biology and history, members of touristic clubs.

The project was started in 2016 in Armenia, on the earth of the first explorer Noah. From 1980 famous Norwegian scientist ant traveler Thor Heyerdahl developed his theory of migration of Caucasus people to Scandinavia and found approval in Scandinavian sagas, archaeological digging and DNA analysis of Scandinavians and the inhabitants of the Caucasus. Nowadays, this theory has many followers among scientists from different countries. In 2016 two teams from Russia and Armenia took part in our expedition. They visited 10 cities and several villages, had a meeting with the ambassador of the Russian Embassy Ivan Volynkin, visited a lot of museums, an observatory, historic monasteries and houses of famous Armenian writers. The young explorers became good friends in the backpacking trip. They had a conference call with Thor Heyerdahl jr. about international ecological projects. Halfdan Tangen from Norway made a lecture about Thor Heyerdahl’s impact in society, history and science. During the camp, young people studied the culture, traditions and archeology and did their research.

This year people all over the world celebrate the 70th anniversary of legendary Thor Heyerdahl’s expedition on the raft “Kon-Tiki” through the Pacific Ocean. Our new expedition is organized in Siberia in city Novosibirsk, where Siberian touristic club “Kon-Tiki” for young explorers was founded 42 years ago. Four teams from Russia, Armenia, Norway and Czech Republic take part in the expedition-2017. They will visit Technology Support Center Academpark and Novosibirsk State University, acquaint with Russian history and culture of Siberia, meet with famous travelers,  scientists and official representatives. They will have wonderful cultural program with the Day of National cultures and the Day of Entertainment. Also young explorers will visit historic city Tomsk and meet with ecologists. The main event of the program will be 3-days water-trip on the Kon-Tiki raft in the Ob river. It will be the symbolic expedition because this year has been declared as a year of ecology in Russia.

Why did we decide to develop this project?

Because we share common ideas and interests. We love to travel and explore new places. It’s interesting for us to complete projects for young people and build cultural and scientific bridges between our nations and countries. Our travelers embarked on an exciting round-the- world trip and can be the good examples for the younger generation.  Like Thor Heyerdahl we understand that all people sail in one boat and we require international dialogue in culture, technology and science. We have so many things which are worth developing. The best way to collaborate is to travel together!