Young explorers from Russia and Armenia will share their best practices on culture, science and tourism

The first Thor Heyerdahl Explorer Camp Expedition for young people starts in Armenia from 1st till 10th August.  Young explorers from Russia and Armenia take part in this expedition. Project is organized by marine biologist, special adviser of Kon-Tiki Museum Thor Heyerdahl jr., the son of the famous Norwegian traveler and scientist, with the support of the “Vahakn and Hasmig Hovnanian” Foundation and Russian Geographical Society.

The participants of the project will travel to cities and villages of Armenia, visit various museums, ancient monasteries and observatories, learn more about Russian and Armenian culture and go to mountain backpacking. Special guest from Norway Halfdan Tangen jr. will make lectures about how ideas of famous Norwegian traveler and scientist Thor Heyerdahl influenced the world.

Young explorers are the school children 12-16 years old. However, they already have touristic experience, they are interested in history, biology and ecology. They read books of Thor Heyerdahl and have good knowledge about his expedition on Kon-Tiki, Ra, Ra II and Tigris. Ernest Kogai attends Novosibirsk touristic club Kon-Tiki for three years. He participated in different expeditions. Preparing to visit Armenia, Ernest studied history of this country. «It is great, that I can communicate with young people from another country, to learn more about their culture and traditions. I’m going to tell about cultural center of Siberia, my native city Novosibirsk. I would like them know that Siberia is not the earth of bears with balalaika, but a part of Russia, which is the great country with ancient history. Generous people with unique traditions live there», – said Ernest.

Another participant of the expedition Aleksandr Vronskyi is keen in ecology. He makes field research and develops his ecology project. «Thor Heyerdahl was not a traveler only, he was ecologist and bring to the light a lot of problems. He spoke about interrelation of ocean and all ecosystem. I would like that there were no ecological disasters in the world and people from different countries join their efforts for preservation of nature», – remarked Aleksandr.

Alyona Lents is a brilliant storyteller; she likes to write short stories. She is going to make travel notes in expedition. «I like describe events and travel, get in touch with different people and get to know more about their background. My friends and I will tell about our country, life style and hobbies of young people.  I think that such joint project can help to protect the world from misunderstanding and conflicts», – said Alyona.

Young people from Armenian team are going to present their beautiful region with old traditions. So, Narek Gevorgyan is a sportsman in swimming, young ecologist and explorer, he wants to show those places he visited and learned in Armenia.

Haroutyun Rehanyan came from city Vagharshapat, which is the cultural and religious center of Armenia. During many years he lived in USA, but returned to native city. He is curious of in Thor Heyerdahl’s researches and expeditions, read a lot of his books and scientific articles. Hasmik Hakobyan is a pupil of prominent Armenian school AYB and a winner of many different contests. She likes to study culture of folks and can tell a lot about this topic. Maria Hovhannisyan came from south city Kapan. She considers that this Camp is a good start for realization of her dream – to travel all over the world.

The organizers hope that the international project will be held in different countries and attract active young people for collaboration and experience exchange in cultural, scientific and touristic spheres.